A weekend off…

I have a bit of time to myself this weekend. Jo and Leo are visiting Nana Lesley and Grandad Alan in Wigan. The older two are away this weekend too. I’m not quite sure what to do!

I could go out with my pals, have a curry and a few pints. Or stay in all day, in my pjs and play on the playstation. I could watch films on TV that Jo hates- anything sci-fi. I can stay up as late as I want as there are no children to look after…

In reality, this is what I’ll do- I’ll catch up on my OFSTED paperwork, I’ll plan next weeks menu, I’ll fix the chicken coop, I’l finish wallpapering the kitchen and I’ll miss the kids enormously, because truth be told, I don’t really know what to do when the house is empty. 


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