OFSTED Approved :)

This week has been intense. On Friday I received notification that OFSTED would be making their first inspection within the next 5 days.  You might think it is odd that I haven’t been inspected yet, but I’ve only actually been childminding since mid-September. I did my training and completed my registration some time ago, and once you’ve done that you are able to open your setting. However, you then have your first inspection within 6-weeks of signing a contract with a parent. This is how you get your rating.

I’ve been working on my paperwork, of which there is a lot! I have a 32 page policy and procedure folder, risk assessments for every room, risk assessments for using the car, childminder car insurance…I’ve also been working on mapping the development of my three ‘minded’ children, and highlighting the areas to concentrate on.  Naturally, after just over a month, there’s not  huge amount of paperwork accrued, but I’m happy with what I have done. And so were OFSTED.

I haven’t received my report yet, but the inspector praised my rapport with the children and how I handled their varying demands and stages of development. She was very pleased with my practice. She did say that I don’t have enough documentary evidence yet regarding learning journeys, but that this was expected at such an early stage.

Also this week, I had my Food Standards Agency inspection and the hygiene of the house got a thumbs up (which Jo, being a Dr of Microbiology, was pleased to hear!). We just need to get a thermometer for the fridge.

So this week has brought two inspections. It’s also been parents evening (great reports, as expected), Jasmine has made her Brownie promise and Jo has given two important presentations at work. Hectic!

Nearly the weekend…


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