Highlights from my OFSTED report

I had my first OFSTED inspection on 22nd October, around a month after opening. My setting was given a ‘satisfactory’; the quality of my care was praised, but I will need to provide more evidence of how I plan activities to suit each child, to meet their learning goals and map their progress. After just a month of childminding, it is unlikely that I could have provided the volume of records and observations required to obtain a ‘good’ rating, but I’m confident that with the framework I have in place, I’ll have improved my record-keeping by my next inspection in around six-months time.

Here are some points made by the inspector which I think give a good indication of the type of care I provide:

“The childminder gives praise to the children while working together, to encourage sharing, turn taking and positive behaviour”

“Children have regular opportunities to develop their understanding of the world and enjoy regular walks and visits within the local environment”

“The childminder provides a safe and relaxed environment where children’s emotional wellbeing is supported appropriately”

“The childminder is a good role model, who constantly promotes positive behaviour. He encourages good manners and helps the children to take care of their environment”

“the childminder helps children develop a healthy lifestyle”

“The childminder is well organised and maintains clear documentation for the safe and efficient management of the setting…he ensures children are protected and supervised at all times”

I’ll get an electronic version of the full report posted on the blog soon.




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