Back to blogging…

I haven’t blogged for a while. Childminding days are now settling into a good routine. I have a plan for the week and we stick to it. The boys like it; they know what to expect from their day and are making friends at all the social groups and clubs we attend.

I’ve spent a lot of time developing resources and indoor activities too- well you have to with the weather like this! I have an entire cupboard of craft now, from dinosaur stamps, to pipecleaners and enough playdoh to build an ark, should we need one…The boys particularly like the animal dominoes, and are getting good at matching them correctly.

I plan to change our routine a little as Spring approaches; I’d like to include more outdoor time, and some visits further afield. All the boys are walking happily now, which also increases our options. I bought a couple of backpack reins this week in preparation 🙂

Leo chatters happily about his friends and looks forward to Mondays when we have a full house again. Childminding definitely suits him.

Yesterday I went into Lancaster, which is my usual Thursday activity. We shop and choose things for lunch. Leo and T are looking quite alike at the moment, similar height, blue eyes and big smiles. A lady asked me if they were twins, and I explained that Leo was mine, and that I was looking after T as I’m a childminder. She was amazed “a male childminder!?” she exclaimed.

I might be in a routine but it seems I’m still remarkable!




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