A busy but fantastic week

The last few weeks have been busy, but brilliant. We’ve been joined by a new starter; a lovely, giggly 22-month old boy, who gets on with Leo like a house on fire. He loves to dance too, so we’ve been out to Bounce and Rhyme and also Diddi Dancing, I also found a few new groups nearby in Galgate- again, singing, dancing and clapping, but they have a messy play session too, so we will be checking that out in the next few weeks.

What else have we been up to-? We’ve been to Giggles soft play, we’ve done lots of home-learning, with shapes, animal sounds and letters and we’ve had many journeys to the park. Both the boys love the swing, so it is lucky there is a big basket type swing that they can fit in together.

Also- the older two are back at school, so it’s homework, PE kits, dinner money and, for the first time, school swimming lessons.

I’ve got another new starter at the end of September. Another boy, also under 2 years.  A tandem pushchair has been ordered!


Summer Holiday Scavenger Hunt

We’ve got to that point in the summer holidays now, where the kids really could do with going back to school! They are bored: they’ve played on their bikes, they’ve rediscovered all their toys, they’ve made new friends, fallen out, and made up. They’ve fallen in the beck, and built a den, and taken picnics to the park. They’ve had water fights and movie nights, barbeques, adventures. We’ve been on holiday, they’ve swam, rock climbed, visited museums, baked cakes, made scrapbooks.

At this point in the holidays they often receive an invitation to take part in a scavenger hunt. A letter arrives, with a list of things they have to find- some things need to be collected and put in a shoebox, others you have to photograph.

So they are now planning where all these items can be found. A waterfall- Lancaster’s Williamsons Park! A shop named after a person…Booths supermarket! Off they go with their little camera…

The prize is tickets to the cinema. You know, I think they’ll win 🙂

Summer Holidays Are GO!

Logan and Jasmine finished school on Tuesday.  So far we have…

Been on a family bike ride

Made cards

Baked cakes

Watched several family movies (and avoided the rain)

Been out to the library

Visited Nanna

Been out to the river, picnicking and fishing with nets

I also had a lovely day out with Jo on Tuesday for her birthday. We visited the Palatine on Morecambe prom and ate the world’s largest cheese board. Leo enjoyed it too.

I am storing up plenty of activities for next week- canal boat ride, visit to a nature reserve and making badges are just a few.

Great school reports and sneaky holiday

Jo has been working flat out recently, on the Lancashire Science Festival and then away in London as she had helped pull together a team that were exhibiting at the Royal Society. As she’d not seen the kids awake for about 10 days (except when we were at the science festival!) we planned to have a family weekend away, spend some quality time together. It had to be somewhere close by, with lots to do, so we used the Caravan Club members offer- 3 nights at Haven Lakeside for just £50.

Friday was also school report day. I’m up to speed with the kids education, and felt confident that the reports would be good (and they were). So we decided to turn up at school pick-up with the caravan hitched on and -surprise- sneaky family holiday to celebrate good reports.

The kids were hugely excited. Is that caravan Henrietta? Are we going on holiddddddaaay??

Wonderful weekend of bike riding, swimming, bbqs, lazing around and enjoying each others company. The only let down was the amount of SClub 7 played in the ‘live lounge’, like being at an awful wedding 🙂

Home to a heap of washing and real life…

Lancashire Science Festival- next weekend’s family fun

This is where we are headed next weekend.

Lancashire Science Festival

It’s held at UCLan, in Preston. It’s free. There is plenty to do on the day; a drop-in science showfloor, an emergency zone including a fire engine (Leo will love that), workshops in forensic science, emergency medicine, trauma theatre…and a daredevil extreme sports stunt show. Plus if you haven’t booked onto the lectures, you can pick up tickets in the stand-by queues.

This year they’ve made an effort to include more activities for younger kids. And there are free lockers, and a pram park, and baby changing. And the canteen is open all day for lunch too.

And free parking too. What’s not to like?


Family Festival Fail

Today we used the promise of the Lancashire Festival to persuade (I say persuade, I mean bribe) the kids to tidy their rooms up. The newspaper advertising looked fab; lots of stalls were promised, a funfair, donkey rides and ‘family fun’. So we packed up the family and went to have fun.

Only one word can describe the event. Letdown. Enjoying the miniature bus ride

It was apparent that the great advertising was due to the festival being put on by the newspaper group which had done said advertising. This annoyed Jo, as besides the fact that the thing could be done under the trade descriptions act, she has been trying to get the local press to commit to some free PR for the Lancashire Science Festival, and they won’t bite. Obviously, that is because they have their own festival. Which is lame.

Admittedly, it may have been better if the weather had been a bit brighter. One of the best bits of entertainment was watching people grip their gazebos and try not to lose them to  the wind.

We had cupcakes and candy floss and a ride on a miniature bus.  I enjoyed that the most (see pic..) 🙂

Next week is the Lancashire Science Festival. Jo promises us it will be fantastic. Should be, she’s been working really hard on it.

Day of Celebrations (and food)

Today was Jasmine’s birthday, and it started rather later than expected as all three kids (plus one as Jasmine had a friend sleeping over) didn’t wake up until 8am! Thank you kids!

We have a tradition on birthdays of ‘birthday breakfast’. Jasmine chose homemade pancakes, with squirty cream, chocolate sauce, smarties and mini-mallows. Not something I’d ever usually allow, but that is the point of the birthday breakfast. Presents were opened and much appreciated.

Then the kids presented me with my Father’s Day present of a hamper of delicious treats- cider, cheese, chutney, fudge…

A quick trip to the park, where the over-excited sugar saturated troop woke up the neighbourhood with their shrieking and giggling. Then off for lunch at a new pub nearby.

The place was full of families treating Dads, but there was also an obvious number of weekend Dads. Couldn’t help but think of all the Dads I know who do not see as much of their children as they should/could. Some Dads don’t put the effort in and others just can’t get past Mums who don’t see that a father’s influence is valuable.

I’m grateful for my children every day. Even when they are over-excited, over-tired and sticky with chocolate 🙂