Book soon to catch the early bird offer!

Book soon to catch the early bird offer!

If you are looking for an interesting way for your young children to spend some of the summer holidays, check out the Launchpad Summer School I’m running. A few places are still available and if you book now you will get the early bird price. 

Also regular holiday care available


Family Festival Fail

Today we used the promise of the Lancashire Festival to persuade (I say persuade, I mean bribe) the kids to tidy their rooms up. The newspaper advertising looked fab; lots of stalls were promised, a funfair, donkey rides and ‘family fun’. So we packed up the family and went to have fun.

Only one word can describe the event. Letdown. Enjoying the miniature bus ride

It was apparent that the great advertising was due to the festival being put on by the newspaper group which had done said advertising. This annoyed Jo, as besides the fact that the thing could be done under the trade descriptions act, she has been trying to get the local press to commit to some free PR for the Lancashire Science Festival, and they won’t bite. Obviously, that is because they have their own festival. Which is lame.

Admittedly, it may have been better if the weather had been a bit brighter. One of the best bits of entertainment was watching people grip their gazebos and try not to lose them to  the wind.

We had cupcakes and candy floss and a ride on a miniature bus.  I enjoyed that the most (see pic..) 🙂

Next week is the Lancashire Science Festival. Jo promises us it will be fantastic. Should be, she’s been working really hard on it.

Family Food Festival

Looking forward to a lovely long family weekend. We’re going to cycle up to Lancaster Leisure Park- there’s a food festival on 🙂 lots of local foods, including hopefully chutney. I’m a sucker for chutney.


It’s a good place for a day out. Jo can have a look round the antiques place and pine after monk’s benches and bits of tat for the garden. There’s a new play area that we haven’t checked out yet. And the cafe has good, reasonably priced cakes.


After we’ve done that I’ve got a list of things to do in the garden. Digging in vegetable beds is the main task- we have onions to plant.


And the egg count is up to 33