Friday Giggles

I love Fridays. On Fridays we go to Giggles soft play for a couple of hours. We have lunch out, and we meet up with my Mum and sister, and my nephew Zac. It’s a real treat; the boys love it and all three play happily together. And it’s nice to see Mum and Karen too, have a bit of chit chat and feel vaguely grown up for a while!

Friday’s finish early too. T is picked up mid-afternoon, so it is just Leo and Daddy for the rest of the day. Today is a bit different, as we are going to an open afternoon at St Bernadettes, the primary school we hope Leo will go to. I know I’m a year early, but it seems sensible to pop in and make sure that it is the right school for him.

And tonight I’m going out with my pals- another rare treat!


Day of Celebrations (and food)

Today was Jasmine’s birthday, and it started rather later than expected as all three kids (plus one as Jasmine had a friend sleeping over) didn’t wake up until 8am! Thank you kids!

We have a tradition on birthdays of ‘birthday breakfast’. Jasmine chose homemade pancakes, with squirty cream, chocolate sauce, smarties and mini-mallows. Not something I’d ever usually allow, but that is the point of the birthday breakfast. Presents were opened and much appreciated.

Then the kids presented me with my Father’s Day present of a hamper of delicious treats- cider, cheese, chutney, fudge…

A quick trip to the park, where the over-excited sugar saturated troop woke up the neighbourhood with their shrieking and giggling. Then off for lunch at a new pub nearby.

The place was full of families treating Dads, but there was also an obvious number of weekend Dads. Couldn’t help but think of all the Dads I know who do not see as much of their children as they should/could. Some Dads don’t put the effort in and others just can’t get past Mums who don’t see that a father’s influence is valuable.

I’m grateful for my children every day. Even when they are over-excited, over-tired and sticky with chocolate 🙂

Family Food Festival

Looking forward to a lovely long family weekend. We’re going to cycle up to Lancaster Leisure Park- there’s a food festival on 🙂 lots of local foods, including hopefully chutney. I’m a sucker for chutney.


It’s a good place for a day out. Jo can have a look round the antiques place and pine after monk’s benches and bits of tat for the garden. There’s a new play area that we haven’t checked out yet. And the cafe has good, reasonably priced cakes.


After we’ve done that I’ve got a list of things to do in the garden. Digging in vegetable beds is the main task- we have onions to plant.


And the egg count is up to 33