Friday Giggles

I love Fridays. On Fridays we go to Giggles soft play for a couple of hours. We have lunch out, and we meet up with my Mum and sister, and my nephew Zac. It’s a real treat; the boys love it and all three play happily together. And it’s nice to see Mum and Karen too, have a bit of chit chat and feel vaguely grown up for a while!

Friday’s finish early too. T is picked up mid-afternoon, so it is just Leo and Daddy for the rest of the day. Today is a bit different, as we are going to an open afternoon at St Bernadettes, the primary school we hope Leo will go to. I know I’m a year early, but it seems sensible to pop in and make sure that it is the right school for him.

And tonight I’m going out with my pals- another rare treat!


A busy but fantastic week

The last few weeks have been busy, but brilliant. We’ve been joined by a new starter; a lovely, giggly 22-month old boy, who gets on with Leo like a house on fire. He loves to dance too, so we’ve been out to Bounce and Rhyme and also Diddi Dancing, I also found a few new groups nearby in Galgate- again, singing, dancing and clapping, but they have a messy play session too, so we will be checking that out in the next few weeks.

What else have we been up to-? We’ve been to Giggles soft play, we’ve done lots of home-learning, with shapes, animal sounds and letters and we’ve had many journeys to the park. Both the boys love the swing, so it is lucky there is a big basket type swing that they can fit in together.

Also- the older two are back at school, so it’s homework, PE kits, dinner money and, for the first time, school swimming lessons.

I’ve got another new starter at the end of September. Another boy, also under 2 years.  A tandem pushchair has been ordered!

Book soon to catch the early bird offer!

Book soon to catch the early bird offer!

If you are looking for an interesting way for your young children to spend some of the summer holidays, check out the Launchpad Summer School I’m running. A few places are still available and if you book now you will get the early bird price. 

Also regular holiday care available

Launchpad Summer School- bookings now open!

For the last few years Jo and I have really struggled to find summer childcare for Logan and Jasmine, always resulting in us having to stagger our leave and having very little time when we are all together as a family. The problem has always been that all the programmes available for under 8s require you to stay there with the kids- so although they are having a great time, it isn’t childcare and doesn’t help with the work situation.

So with this in mind I’ve created my own ‘summer school’- a week long programme of fun activities, with a science theme.

Check it out here

If this takes off ‘(no pun intended) I’ll do the same at half terms and Easter too. My regular clients will take part as well, they won’t miss out.

I’m really excited about this!launchpad

Exciting plans afoot…

Today I’ve been working on some really exciting plans- I’m thinking of running a summer school programme. It will combine all the best ‘lesson plans’ I’ve come up with for EYFS supplemented with some ideas I’ve been talking through with my science side-kick Jo 🙂 We always struggled to find anything in Lancaster for under-8’s during summer time. There are some really great activities but you need to stay with your kids for nearly all of them, so they don’t suit working parents. Obviously they are not run by OFSTED registered childminders 😉


What could be better than dropping your kids off for a fun packed, educational day in a safe, OFSTED approved environment?


Look out for Launchpad Summer School- aimed at ages 4-7, taking place in August. Early bird prices will be available, keep watching this blog for further information.