Blue alarm clock

Blue alarm clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a good job I’m organised.

We had an alarm clock crisis this morning. Not mine, but Jasmine’s. She used to be a real lazy-bones, but this year has become competitive in the ‘getting-up’ stakes. We set her alarm every night and she happily jumps straight out of bed, gets dressed, skips downstairs and makes her breakfast. We’re still working on her ability to do ┬áher hair neatly (and without using every possible clip and bobble) but she’s getting there.

Logan has always been an early riser. And this is where the competition comes in. Jasmine wants to be awake before Logan. So she’s started changing her alarm…10 minutes earlier…15 minutes earlier…

But last night, evidently, she turned the dial the wrong way and got up 30 MINUTES LATER!


Amazing what a difference a grumpy little girl can make to your morning routine. She’s pouting and generally being a grotbag. Logan’s not in the best of spirits either, as she’s winding him up. And Leo had a poo just as we were leaving the house.

Good job I’m organised. And it’s the weekend tomorrow. Jo has promised to make meringues, nom nom.